Mobile stages are one of the main products of our company. They were designed for the entertainment industry. They are ideal to carry out open-air mass events and other mass cultural events ranging from small meetings to festival concerts. The biggest advantage of the mobile stage is its short installation and uninstallation time, which depending on the stage size is from 30 to 60 minutes. Operation of the product is not complicated and can be entrusted to personnel of only two people. Due to mobility and ease of use, it can be used in several different places, even in one day.

We have two types of Mobile Stages​


  • Each version is available in several sizes, making it easier for you to choose depending on your needs. In addition to each mobile stage model, we offer a wide range of accessories that will increase its functionality.


  • Mobile stage is built on the basis of a steel frame supported on two axles. The chassis is fully protected with zinc coating. By use of eight supports you can easily position and level the stage in any place.


  • The stage platform consists of three parts, one fixed, directly attached to the chassis frame and two side folding panels. The whole is covered with certified, waterproof anti-slip plywood.


  • The roof of the stage is made of aluminum profiles. It consists of three parts, one retractable, performing vertical movement and two parts symmetrically distributed sideways. The whole is covered with certified PVC tarpaulin. As side covers, it is possible to use PVC tarpaulin or curtain nets. Depending on the equipment selected - the roof is raised by hydraulic cylinders or electric rope winches. Roof lifting system used in mobile scenes with cushioning allows for safe, quick and minimizing the physical arrangement of the stage.


  • The standard equipment of the mobile stage are stairs with handrails, barriers protecting the back and sides of the stage platform, full technical documentation with the instructions for use, approval, spare wheel, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, helmet, tool box.


  • We offer free training and demonstration assembly for people who will be involved in mobile stage support.