Stage roof systems created on the basis produced by us aluminum constructions. Depending on the size of the roof and the customer preferences, are selected suitable types of systems, which differ in size, cross-sections and used materials, all of these parameters influences the most important parameter for the purchasers – capacity.

The most commonly used systems in the production of aluminum truss roofs are:


The most commonly used aluminium truss systems in the production of roofs are:



The most important component of the roof, which provides a corresponding stability, durability and an appropriate level of security is pilar, which is composed of the elements of the system aluminum structure TRISYSTEM or QUADROSYSTEM and such parts as the base, level raiser, sleeve block and the hoist.

Accordingly design and execution of these components guarantees a high safety standards and a long period of trouble-free operation.


Tower head section

It is the crowning element of the tower. Is used to mount manual or electrical hoist and safety cable. Tower head section are available in several sizes, are fit to different sizes of trusses.


Chain hoists

In our offer there are only devices reputable manufacturers, and comply with all required and rigorous standards. Winches are designed to handle the toughest weather conditions. It is a standard galvanized chain, robust housing and high performance brakes. Optionally, we offer our customers electric hoists, which provides lifetime warranty about their quality.


Sleeve block

Constructed of aluminum sleeve blocks without any problem transfer the weight of the roof and lif the contruction to maximum height. Their size are changing with the size of truss. They are equipped in handles for the installation of TRI, and QUADRO construction.


Tower base

This is a solid structure made of steel profiles. The whole is protected against corrosion. Construction of the base allows to carry large loads. Adjustable feet and stabilizers and wheels for easy and secure foundation of the tower in right place.